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International Air Transport
"sgx" International Courier Service

Please note that the Operating hours was changed as follows:
sgx Contact Center : 0120-18-9595
050-3508-9849(From mobile phones)
FAX: 03-5755-8871
Operating Hours : Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:00
Saturday and Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed
Sgx Business Time Express
  • Door to door delivery to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Simple to use rate system, divided into 8 delivery regions, based on actual cargo weight, increasing in 500g increments, for documents and small packages.
  • Standard rates, regardless of collection area in Japan.
  • Placed on a flight the day following collection. (We offer assistance services such as simple invoice correction)
  • Next Day Flights  Asian Region (South Korea, Taiwan, China etc.)
    Fastest time: N + 2 Days ※N =Collection Day
Sgx All In One Pack
  • The general principle that major integrators follow is that the client must make all express cargo ready for carriage. However, SGL can undertake all those processes, to relieve the burden on our clients.
Not only can we handle regular international express cargo, but can also process and batch ship a complete set of annual reports, environmental reports, calendars, magazines (information magazines, comics) and so on.

Example: Collect calendars from a designated printer, and ship to the destination country, in accordance with the shipping list.
"Collection" ⇒ "Storage" ⇒ "Allocation" ⇒ "Select Packaging Materials" ⇒ "Packing" ⇒ "Document Production" ⇒ "Shipment to Clients Overseas Offices" ⇒ "Delivery Confirmation" are our areas of expertise, as a global logistics company.
Sgx Mail Express
  • The international mail express service is a postal services for items such as catalogues and magazines, which do not require a signature on delivery, where we accept the items bound for overseas, and send them to the local postal company for delivery.
The main items handled include periodicals and internal company newsletters; annual reports; magazines; bulletins; direct mail; catalogues and pamphlets. This international mail express service enables post-in delivery of large volumes, at reduced prices, to customers all around the world.
Sgx Sagawa Express from Overseas
This Service helps to reduce Japanese domestic costs, by carrying out logistics processing overseas.
  • By carrying out picking procedures and so in the shipping country, goods can be delivered directly to customers after arrival in Japan (shortens lead times and reduces transportation & distribution costs).
  • Logistics Processing can be carried out overseas, to the same standard as in Japan (reduces operating and personnel costs).
  • Fixed costs can be changed to liquid costs, by utilizing our overseas branches (fluctuations can be absorbed).
  • Uniform cargo tracking is also available
  • Documents for customs clearance can be produced on the system.
  • Inventory control is also possible at the overseas branches.
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