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New To International Logistics?
Customers new to import export trade often have many questions and concerns in relation to the procedures and arrangements involved in exporting products overseas, or how to go about importing goods into Japan. Some may even worry that there are many problems standing in their way.
At SGH Global Japan, we have comprehensive support systems to easily help business with international trade. We can arrange domestic pick up and delivery, packing, customs clearance procedures as well as offering a range of international transportation methods.

Varieties of Transportation
1.International Courier Service
Our international door to door delivery service, utilizing truck and aircraft transport, to deliver relatively small volumes of cargo. The weight based price tariffs, with price increments per 0.5kg, include all the fees for pickup, storage, customs clearance and carriage, and are generally paid in advance. Also, when compared to general air or ocean transport, delivery times are reduced making it a really easy to use service. For more information, please see the sgx introduction pages.
2.International General Air Cargo Transport
This service is generally for airport to airport transportation, however it is possible to request a certain flight, and to pay the relevant rates in advance, or as cash on delivery, in order to best meet the needs of your overseas clients. Rates for collection, customs clearance, storage and carriage are all calculated seperately.
3.International General Ocean Cargo Transport
This service is generally for port to port transportation, however it is possible to request a certain sailing, and to pay the relevant rates in advance, or as cash on delivery, in order to best meet the needs of your overseas clients. Rates for collection, customs clearance, harbour fees and carriage are all calculated seperately. There are 2 general transportation methods: LCL for cargo that will not fill a whole container; and FCL where you rent the whole container for your cargo. This service is most suitable for large volumes of freight.
Export Procedures
Please inquire with your nearest SGJ International Office, giving details of consignee, commodity, number and weight, volume, transportation method, and any timing and price range requests. Alternatively please fax or e-mail a request for quotation form. We will reply to your request promptly.
2.Consultation & Quotations
Our customer services representatives will answer your questions and queries and explain about import and export procedures and transportation methods. After consultation, we will send a quotation. After checking the contents please sign and stamp the quotation and return it to us.
3.Customs Documents Preparation
- Customs Clearance Letter of Proxy
- Shipping Instruction
- Invoice
- Packing List
After preparing the above forms, please forward them to us. Upon request we can prepare the forms on your behalf.
* In cases where we prepare the forms, we request that you check, sign and stamp them.
4.Booking with Shipping Company / Airline Company
Our representative will book cargo space with an appropriate shipping or airline company
5.Pick-Up or Dispatch of Cargo
SGJ can arrange for pickup and transport to an air cargo warehouse or ocean cargo bonded warehouse. Please attach appropriate shipping marks to the cargo.
6.Customs Clearance Procedures
After the cargo has arrived at the designated bonded warehouse our operation centers can start the export customs procedures, based on the invoice and packing list you provided. Insurance procedures (if requested) are also undertaken at this time.
7.Customs Clearance Permission / Determining Fees
After customs clearance procedures have been completed, we will send out an invoice. Please arrange for payments via bank transfer
8.Cargo Arrival in Destination Country
Upon arrival in the destination country, our overseas offices, or approved agents, will notify the consignee. After relevant procedures have been completed, the cargo can be handed over to the consignee.

Import Procedures
Please Inquire About Various Import Procedures
For example we can support all the following import Incoterms
FOB Import
CFR or CIF Import
Forms for International Logistics Use Can Be Downloaded Below
Request for Quotation
Shipping Instruction
Customs Clearance Letter of Proxy
Invoice & Packing List
Non-wood Materials Declaration

Varieties of Transportation
Export Procedures
Import Procedures
Form Downloads

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