From International Distribution, To Logistics Warehouse Operations and Domestic Transportation,
We Offer Total Global Logistics Solutions, to Realize Seamless International Transportation.
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International Ocean Transport

International Event Transportation / Artwork Transportation / Overseas Removal Services

We can arrange total transportation services: from import and export procedures through to domestic delivery of equipment for ballets, operas, plays and concerts; as well as transportation of valuable artwork.
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・Transportation of equipment for ballets, operas, plays, performances, and concerts
・Transportation of display goods and sample products for exhibitions, shows and trade fairs
・Transportation of artworks for art exhibitions and photographic exhibitions
・ Transportation for sports events, athletic meets and various gatherings
・Transportation for events such as fairs and festivals
>> We also arrange overseas removals services. For example moving from Japan to Shanghai, or moving from Hong Kong to Japan.

Event Transportation and Artwork Transportation We will arrange for import and customs clearance as well as forwarding to each prefecture across Japan, of equipment for various performances and tours. Of course, we can arrange everything for the return trip home as well!

Overseas Removals We don't only offer transportation from Japan to Overseas or Overseas to Japan. we can also arrange to transport to a 3rd country, via Japan. For example From Shanghai to Japan, and then onto Hong Kong. We can handle everything, thanks to our overseas branch network.
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