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Please read the following before using the SGH Global Japan website.

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About Links

Links to this site, whether commercial, non-commercial, or intranet, are not required. Please agree to the following "Link Guidelines" and post the link in accordance with the "How to Set Up" section.

Link Guidelines

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  • URLs and information other than the top page of this website are subject to change without notice.
  • Please do not display this website in frames or in other manner that makes it unclear that this is the Company's website.
  • Links from the following types of websites are prohibited. If we discover that any of the following applies to your website and request that you remove the link, you must comply with our request.
    • Sites that defame or slander our company, group companies, services belonging to them, or individuals.
    • Sites that mislead the public into believing that they are in some kind of cooperative or collaborative relationship with our company.
    • Sites that falsely imply that we recognize or endorse the site from which the link originates.
    • Sites that provide illegal or potentially illegal information
    • Sites that provide obscene or socially unethical information
    • Other sites that we deem inappropriate

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