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Overseas Cash On Delivery Service
We will provide this overseas CoD delivery service to provide peace of mind to consumers in Japan using mail order services based overseas.

  • Items purchased by consumers in Japan from overseas mail order companies will be shipped by SGH Global Japan' international courier service
  • Domestic delivery and collection of CoD charges will be carried out by Sagawa Express
  • Collected fees will be remitted to the overseas mail order company, by Sagawa Financial

    1. To use the overseas CoD Service, a transportation agreement, CoD application and service agreement are all required.

    2. The ability to use this service, depends on the outcome of the application review.

    3. Some items cannot be handled, depending on our conditions of carriage and other regulations.

    4. CoD payments in Japan will be collected in Japanese Yen, so please quote prices on a Yen basis.

    5. The maximum CoD amount is JPY300,000 per shipping label.

    1. CoD handling fees will depend on the condition of the items being handled.

    2. Overseas remittance fees shall be borne by the client.

    3. Remittance amounts shall be calculated at the end of each month, and remitted at the end of the following month.

    4. Remitted amounts will be on a Yen basis. Currency conversion rates at the time of remittance shall be used.

    5. A remittance breakdown shall be e-mailed to the appropriate person in charge.

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