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Import agency of cosmetics

In order to import and sell cosmetics from overseas, it is necessary to have specialized approvals such as "Manufacture and sale of cosmetics" and "Manufacture and sale of cosmetics" in order to comply with the Law Concerning the Ensurment of Quality, Effectiveness and Safety of Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Equipment, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Pharmaceutical and Machinery Law").
We will collaborate with partner companies to provide total support for importing overseas cosmetics by customers who do not have these permissions.

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One-stop cosmetics service

When cosmetics are imported from overseas and sold, they are required to comply with the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, and they are required to submit application forms, inspect, manufacture, and control.
Our partner company, a cosmetic agent, enables one-stop imports and deliveries.

Domestic incidental work

After import, in addition to inspecting products at designated warehouses, judging their shipments, packing, and attaching legal labels, we conduct various operations based on the Pharmaceutical Equipment Law, including GQP (Quality Control), GVP (Safety Control), advertising expression checking at sales sites, and entry/exit records.


  1. Conclusion of Import Agency Agreement
    1.Conclusion of Import Agency Agreement Conclude an Import Agency Agreement with the import agent.
  2. Document, samples, ingredients, inspection
    2.Document, samples, ingredients, inspection Submit papers, such as composition table, samples for composition inspection and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to the import agent. The import agent applies for composition inspection to the research institute and confirms whether the tested products are legally complied.
  3. Import Application form and Statutory labels
    3.Import Application form and Statutory labels After confirmation that the products are legitimate for import and domestic distribution, apply to each authorities and create statutory labels for the products.
    • Registration form of overseas manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency)
    • Registration form of manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
  4. Import Custom Clearance
    4.Import Custom Clearance Submit required documents for import custom clearance to the import agent. SGH Global Japan clears the custom on behalf.
  5. Manufacturing under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
    5.Manufacturing under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Sampling, packaging, putting statutory labels, GQP (Good Quality Practice), GVP (Good Vigilance Practice), checking advertisement displays, recording warehouse entry/exit, storing samples.
  6. 出荷・納品
    6.Shipment, delivery Delivery to designated addresses after manufacturing process.

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