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Perfect logistics center for Cross border E-CommerceX frontier®

X Frontier® as the logistics center exclusively designed for EC business, where SG Holdings group’s total abilities are assembled.

X Frontier® is the flagship logistics center of SG Holdings groups, where TC (Transfer Center), DC (Distribution Center) and SG Holdings’ diverse logistics capabilities are gathered.

With the integration of our group’s capabilities in delivery, logistics and international transport as well as the large-scale/special transport, SG Holding group will strengthen to support the customer’s business from the logistics viewpoints by creating the new and diversified solution/support.

Features of X Frontier®

SG Holding’s international logistics centers around metropolitan area gathered in one place; this is X Frontier®. X Frontier® unifies communication with our partners including air/ocean carriers (*1) and the overseas freight forwarders (*2), supporting the customers with their diversified needs in international logistics.
X Frontier® also obtains the following functions;
- the seamless linkage among Sagawa Express, SGH Global Japan and its overseas branches in cross border E-commerce shipment, and
- the domestic hub for “Smart Import®” (*3)service,

  1. carrier: a company legally entitled to transport parcels by airplanes and vessels, usually refers to the airline and shipping company.
  2. freight forwarder: a company that receives and ships parcels on behalf of other companies by outsourcing the means of transport (vessels, airplanes, trains and trucks etc.).
  3. Smart Import®: Integrated import logistics service from the warehouse services at the overseas plants to the direct delivery at destinations in Japan.
  1. 01Intermodal Transportation
    Intermodal Transportation
    Intermodal Transportation
  2. 02Efficiently Connection
    Efficiently Connection
  3. 03Automation In Logistics
    Automation In Logistics
  4. 04Distribution processing
    Distribution processing
  5. 05Bonded Warehouse
    Bonded Warehouse
  6. 06Handling Medical & Cosmetics items
    Handling Medical & Cosmetics items

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