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Overseas invoice issuance service

At overseas shipping sites, the issuance and attachment of shipping invoice for Sagawa Express can shorten lead times and reduce costs after arriving in Japan.
The items to be prepared are internet line, PC, and printer. It can be operated not only overseas but also in Japan.
In addition to issuing an invoice, we also offer functions such as issuing a delivery note and sorting by store.

Service content

Service content
The issuance of the Sagawa express shipments overseas will shorten the lead time and reduce costs after arriving in Japan.
If you have a PC printer and an Internet-accessible connection to use this service, No special equipment is required.
We offer various functions and services,
such as issuing delivery receipts and sorting by store and delivery destination.

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By issuing an invoice for domestic delivery in overseas warehouses, cargo can be shipped immediately after arriving in Japan. Furthermore, customers in Japan can check the work conditions in overseas warehouses in real time, which is reassuring.

We can also handle domestic transportation in Japan.

After arrival in Japan, we will handle import customs clearance and transport the cargo to a Sagawa Express distribution center near the airport or port.
We provide one-stop service for nationwide delivery through the domestic network of Sagawa Express.

We provide services in Chinese, English, and Japanese.
The condition for using this service is that you entrust us with your overseas warehouse or international transportation.

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