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Smart Import

Receive overseas products to overseas warehouses. After sorting, we will attach the invoice and export it.
After arriving in Japan, this is a service for direct delivery after customs clearance. By not processing logistics in Japan, logistics costs can be optimized and lead times shortened.

What is Smart Import?

Smart Import
We export products manufactured overseas to our group's overseas warehouses, where we inspect the products, check the needles, assort the products by destination, and attach a Sagawa Express invoice.
We transport the products to Japan and clear import customs, and Sagawa Express delivers the products.
By completing the sorting overseas for delivery in Japan, we are able to deliver directly to the destination, thereby shortening delivery lead time.

Optimize logistics costs

The distribution center owned by the overseas subsidiary will perform the tasks previously performed in Japan, such as inspecting goods, checking needles, sorting by store, and issuing and attaching price tags/invoice, to optimize distribution costs.

Shortening the Lead Time

After the import clearance in Japan, the cargo is handed over to Sagawa Express at airports and ports to deliver the cargo nationwide. This enables direct delivery from overseas plants to domestic delivery destinations and shortens lead times.

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